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Our Story of the Labryinth

I have been doing more to get promotion done up to get awareness out there about the proposed layout of the property and ways the community can be involved. One of the projects was to complete a Labyrinth. with some amazing back breaking labour we were able to complete this stage in Summer & Fall of 2023.

We were able to collect rocks from the property rock piles to create a labryrinth. All rocks were carried by hand, loaded into the back of the Trail Can Am with the exception of the huge one at the entrance and in the middle - thankfully, a bob cat and with some workers that were on site volunteered to pick up and push the humongous rocks into place.

In order to make this Labryinth possible we had to:

1. Select the area.

2. Create a __ foot circle.

3. Lay lanscape fabric.

4. Collect rocks to go around the parimeter.

5. Haul dirt and cover the landscape fabric.

6. Level the ground (no fancy machinery was used).

7. Collect more rocks.

8. Create the labryinth design using more rocks!

9. Ensure all rock have been placed strategically in place to create even pathways.


The drawing is complete for map of the whole property ("About" tab) and I have done up a pamphlet that you can pick up when you are in at Nirvana 101.


We are also working on other opportunities for you to be involved. 


I want to thank each and everyone of you for taking this ride with me.  Its been almost 13 years since given this vision and I can see that there is real steps being made to make it a reality.  My wish is that this place will be one where many dreams can come true.  If you have a passion that can fit with this project I would love to hear it and see where it goes.  Let’s make this a year of dreams coming true.

Labyrinth in the making!

Manual Labour by some Amazing Volunteers!

We are so thankful for all the amazing volunteers that came out and poured there love, sweat, tears and unfortunately bruises and blood into this Labyrinth. They all did an amazing  job and we are so grateful for all their love, support and muscle labour!

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