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A space that supports your journey to empowerment.


Our goal is to be as off-grid as possible. We will have a pond, fire pit, Healing Huts to receive treatments, Pavilion/Amphitheatre, Labyrinth, Retreat Centre, Serenity Garden with a Yin/Yang deck in the middle.  The Garden will focus on medicine plants and herbs to teach people how to use nature to keep us healthy.  We will also have pathways and benches to provide a peaceful Zen experience.  Then we hope to build Air-Crete Dome Cabins for people to come stay at.  We will commission metal tree art structures where there is opportunity for people to purchase a leaf to hang on the tree of their choice and there will be a compartment in the trunk to offer a note of desires or healing to be deposited and Mother Earth will take your wishes and hold and nurture them.  This combined with beautiful landscaping, flowers, plants and trees will create a beautiful tranquil place for all to enjoy.

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